Verderhus Screw Channel Centrifugal Pumps

Working Principle


  • A corkscrew shaped impeller lays in a cone shaped casing.
  • The screw rotates and induces the fluid onto the impeller
  • The impeller then pushes the product out of the pump


The Benefits of Screw Channel Pumps


  • Retains % efficiency with increasing viscosity to 1000 CPS
  • Gentle, low shear pumping action
  • Reduced pump transit time reduces abrasive wear =reduced maintenance costs
  • Externally Adjustable Clearances optimize pump efficiency = reduced energy costs
  • Able to pump large Ø solids due to impeller design
  • Much reduced clogging due to smooth liquid path
  • Lower NPSHr


HUS Product Range


  • Suction from Ø50 (2”)to Ø250 (10”)
  • Discharge from Ø50 (2”) to Ø200 (8”)
  • Up to 3 impeller variants per model
  • Cast Iron parts with options for hardened & stainless steel wear parts
  • 2, 4 or 6 pole motors
  • Flows <~300 l/sec or ~1500 m3/h or ~5500GPM(US)
  • Heads to 55 mwc or 180 ftwc




  • Waste water treatment: Replacement of a Mono-Pump pumping sewage
  • Paper & Pulp: Pumping shear sensitive Kaolin and abrasive lime slurries
  • Food: Hydro -transport of large foods
  • Biogas: Feed to Shredder of a Biogas-plant / Bone crusher
  • Food Plants: Vegetable washing Hydro transport
  • Food Processing Plants: Pump installed at a chicken slaughter house
  • Civil Engineering: Tunneling water treatment, Pumping Bentonite, Gravel Washing