Company Profile

Company Profile

Mission Statement

To provide our customers with our top knowledge, experience and latest up-dates to ensure them the best satisfaction experience in the consultancy field.

Vision Statement

To be leading consultancy organization in the region for industrial Management, Marketing and specialized Engineering Applications.

Our Moto

People try to stay away from problems as much as they can. We try to get into problems as much as we can. ONYX is simply PROBLEM SOLVER.

We are from the very few local firms that combine the Local Experience in the Middle East and the Global Vision and Capabilities. We have a great Flexibility in term of manpower number, the location of this manpower and the wide experience that we have within our people. These facts make our team one of the Strongest Support Team in the region. Innovation is one of the main impellers that we established our firm on it. We provide very innovative solutions to our customers to help them keep their business at the top of the competition. We provide Wide Range of Products/Activities in the Management, Marketing & Engineering consultancy that puts a world of choices in front of our customers to choose from. One of the main advantages that we have is our philosophy of being Responsible of our Partners/Customers Success. We are Committed to the Partners/Customers Targets regardless to the number of the Activities we do.

Onyx Prime Consultants is also in cooperation with several Regional Universities and Institutes to exchange Knowledge, R&D, High Skilled Manpower and to provide the customers with High-End Consulting Products and Services

Our group is lead by the founders and owners Abdul Aziz Sherbiny and Omar Abbas.

  • Abdul Aziz has a BS in Industrial Marketing and an MBA from LAU. He has 14 years of experience in: Marketing, Sales Management, Service Management & Engineering, Systems Integration, and dealing with global industrial manufacturers.
  • Omar has a BS in Management Information System from AUST. He has 11 years of experience in managing mega projects related to Engineering & Engineering Management, Team Building & Resource Management, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Data Networks & Communications, Industrial Security, Construction & Infrastructure, and Contracts Management.



Management Consultancy Contractual Base, includes:

  • Management Consultancy
  • MKT & Sales Consultancy
  • HR Consultancy
  • Business Development Consultancy
  • MIS Consultancy
  • Project Management


Engineering or Management Project Base, Includes:

  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Communication Consultancy
  • Perimeter Security
  • Management Studies



On Contractual Base
Customer Employ ONYX services for a period of time and pay on Monthly base payment term. Check list of targets to be completed in the period of contract and Monthly schedule of improvement/tasks completion is to be prepared and reviewed.

On Project Base
Customer Buy ONYX services for a specific Engineering, Communication or Security design and Management studies. Milestone Payment term and Milestone schedule of improvement/completion is to be prepared and reviewed.

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